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Welcome To Fly American Virtual Airlines

Fly American Virtual is your one-stop-shop for American and One World partner routes.

We allow our pilots to fly ANY ROUTE in our schedules, ANY AIRCRAFT in our fleet, at ANYTIME!

We don’t require a test or hours to fly those aircrafts.  Fly American Virtual is the only American VA that allows pilots to fly all aircraft types with no hours.

You can even create your own routes within our "charter" system! With fAVA, you'll never have a problem not finding the route you want to fly. We want to incorporate realism into a fun, yet laid back environment. We don't go off rejecting PIREPS just because an error might appear here or there. Just fly and have fun! Come see why fAVA stands out among the top Virtual Airlines.  We have something for everyone.


Check out the rest of our website!

We invite you to join us and become part of a great group of flight enthusiasts.


Blue Skies and Happy Landings 

-Fly American Virtual Staff

"The World's Best Virtual Pilots Fly With Fly American Virtual Airlines "

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Recent Arrivals

Airline Flight PIC Dep Arr Time Aircraft Landing Date
CHCH652Matt BagotKSEAKSAN02.15B737-99 fpm02/28
AALAAL1427Jared WestKATLKDFW01.56E175-122 fpm02/28
CHCH99999Maximo MontillaSCELSPIM03.15B738-449 fpm02/28
AALAAL2486Gary SmithTNCMKMIA02.41B738-131 fpm02/28
AALAAL4320Carson MurphyKATLKDCA01.12B738-319 fpm02/28
CHCH2209Matt AndrenKATLKMIA01.26B722-195 fpm02/28
EGFEGF5642Matthew GarciaKPHXKABQ00.50B738-296 fpm02/28
AALAAL3104Gregory SpiveyHUENRKSI11.24B77W-39.96 fpm02/28
AALAAL169Robert RogersKSFOKLAX01.04A319-354 fpm02/28
ENVENV5829Achilleas MoraitisKDFWKMEM01.00B752-97 fpm02/27
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Fly American Virtual Airlines is privately owned and operated